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An alternative approach to the question of the nature of energy, space and time.
The Hubble constant is a combination of the parameters of the electron and the planck constant.
The Cosmic Time Hypothesis (CTH) has far- reaching consequences for cosmology and elementary particles physics,especially big bang theory,cosmological constant,vacuum energy, unification of natural forces,earth expansion.
A new interpretation of reality, by Lyle D. Jacobson. Author's statement, abstract of the book (.doc,.pdf) and ordering information.
Time and space are fiction - only distance is reality.
Conspiracy to suppress history of alternative physics that links the ideas of Einstein, Tesla and Newton through the missing link of 18th century genius Boscovich.
Includes descriptions of time machines, torsion field generators and accelerators, and the table of contents for the magazine 'New Energy Technologies'.
This work is based on an elementary particle, the P-Particle, and includes amongst other topics, discussions of relativity, origin of background radiation, nature of black holes and the nature of light.
A Theory of Gravity introducing the Accelerating Expansion of the Universe as the Primordial force and gravity being a resistance/reaction of all Mass/Energy/Space to the acceleration componant of this expansion
The on-line account of renegade researchers who broke the dimensional barriers and were pursued by the 'powers that be' because of it. Told through the person of investigative reporter Joseph Matheny who discovered their story years later.
A New Dynamics, with Newtonian Dynamics as a special case. Applicable in insect flight, and astrophysics.
Quantum origin of the Universe. This model proposes that the Big-Bang model and the Steady-State model are complementary.
Free software and free speculation.
A detailed, ex nihilo model of the universe is developed as the geometric embodiment of a simple integer count. Causes are generated for data - of the type accepted by the consensus of informed opinion - in experimental physics, astronomy, astrophysics and cosmology.
A completely novel and radically different type of nuclear fusion reactor.
Recent discoveries in quantum physics and in cosmology shed new light on how mind interacts with matter.
Bulletin board for problems, research and solutions in superfluidity, superconductivity, quantum vortex dynamics, pulsar rotation, evaporation, statistical physics.
Flaws in concepts and theories of modern physics.
[book review] Book that challenges fundamental principles of modern electromagnetic field theory and unveils a new model for electromagnetic masses as they move from the point of origin out into space.
An on-line journal dedicated to the verification and improvement of Classical Physics into Universal Physics with the approval of a logical, impartial and distant, non-accelerating observer.