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Acoustics Ultrasound and Vibration

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Information on the development of an environmentally safe method of air-conditioning, heating and refrigerating powered by sound waves.
Information for subscriptions, and review of recent issues and events affecting noise and vibration control.
Specializing in Sonar, R&D systems, anti-submarine warfare (ASW), and acoustics engineering.
Development, production and sales of systems in the fields of radar and sonar technology as well as consultancy work.
Overview of the microflown technology to measure the entire range of acoustical properties like particle velocity, sound power and ( three dimensional ) sound intensity
Consulting and educational services in: acoustics; shock and vibration; signal processing; and dynamic data acquisition and analysis.
Side Scan Sonar and Ocean Exploration.
Project to develop new calculation methods for railway, road, industrial and aircraft noise, run by European consortium.
Develops acoustical hardware and software for scientific research in the underwater environment, including a bio-acoustic monitor allowing the recording of cetacean echo-location signals.
Airport Noise Report - A biweekly newsletter on litigation, regulations, and technological developments
A unique source for out of print books in all areas of acoustics, sonar, electronic countermeasures, noise control and communications
Good coverage of ocean news, AUVs and diving
- a leading magazine covering the underwater and ocean marine community. Free subscriptions on-line
Violinmaker and aoustic researcher D.Ennemoser's C37-theory of natural sound, including applications on violins and loudpeakers.
The PMA Noise & Vibration research group organises the ISMA conferences on advanced acoustics and modal analysis. (KULeuven, Belgium)
Solutions using computer modelling Modal Analysis and fatigue analysis to determine the vibration modes.
wave creation, propagation, reception and understanding are at the core of our business.
For combined analysis of statistical acoustic emission and waveform data.
Airport Noise Report - A biweekly newsletter on litigation, regulations, and technological developments.